December 22, 2011

Here and Hereafter...

Dedicated to Vikrant Mulay (who passed away early this morning)... RIP

This is a very humbled post. Humbled because it reminded me of the ‘temporariness’ of this body – of the ‘tangible me’.

Life is much beyond than what meets the eye. And in several dimensions... or levels as some might call it. Body is only one portion of our existence. Yet it is interesting to see how we spend our maximum energy to cater to the whims and fancies of this tangible part.

The body is just an excuse for us to reach to the higher levels of consciousness. We must learn to do all that we do keeping the higher self in hindsight. And that is Sadhana. That is where we should strive to reach. All our actions, inactions, thoughts and whatever should be directed towards self-realisation... fulfilling all our so called ‘worldly’ duties at the same time.

I want to do this, I want to do that, I feel like this, I feel like that, this makes me happy, this makes me unhappy, I have this, I do not have that...the usual grind. What is this ‘me’? What is this ‘I’? Is it really you? NO. This is just the mind – another small part of our Being. This is not the Self! How conveniently we forget that!

Our ‘Self’, our ‘Being’ is beyond all this. Transcending to that takes a lifetime. Or even more. And knowing what to do after the ‘transcending’ and then ‘doing’ it is real Self-knowledge.

Knowledge of the Self... that is what is important. And relevant. The body is here today and gone tomorrow. But the spirit lives on. The thoughts live on. Your energy lives on. And it does affect the ones around you...even after you are long gone.

Chola maati ke ram, ekar ka bharosa chola maati ke re...

So be grateful for what is there and have a blessed life! May our energies do good – as we live and after we perish.

Hari OM

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Biprashish said...

Way to go Trupti....keep capturing thoughts, as they reflect the accumulated chaos, the observations, the mood swings, the cravings, the desires, the wants, the Me, the I, the doing, the transcendings.....& finally the cosmos(most of the time we miss this in the ensuing chaos, I think!!!)....keep writing...I do read ur blogs quite often.