Dear Reader,

This blog is intended purely for the purpose of experiencing the sheer joy of writing. And to learn from my own writing! Writing, I believe, helps in understanding one’s own self clearly. The aim is to not just get clarity but also build upon existing thoughts, values and life convictions. What I seek to present here is a thought-line based not only on core beliefs, but also a one learned through experiences, reading, engaging and understanding of systems that build our persona at an individual level and the society at large.

However, this is not a place to curse and abuse. So we all better mind our language. The views expressed are absolutely personal and subjective. It is my perception of things around me and how I relate to them. They may not seem promissory or politically correct. They are not meant to be. They are meant to trigger the deeper thoughts and understand what we already know. And are open for interpretation...

The purpose of everything is to evolve to the higher truth; and evolve through everything – economics, politics, religion, society, relationships, and spirituality – and to cross the threshold of our finite self into the infinite... Tat tvam asi – You are That!

That said I hope you enjoy reading the blog. Do share your views. Bouquets and Brick-bats welcome! And so are suggestions for topics :)

Warm Regards,
... T

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