March 29, 2012

After Sunset by the Sea

The sea always fascinates me to no end. And watching the sea after sunset is a differently exhilarating experience in itself. The sea in all its pristine beauty at this time is inviting and magnetic. And the weather – perfect! You are simply mesmerised.

The crowd on the beach is scanty now, having dispersed off after watching a memorable sunset. The nariyal paani-wallas, gola-wallas, fugga-wallas, chaat-wallas and the likewise have all closed shop. The beach lies in its full expanse before you, in its original avatar – vast and tranquil.

As you stare into the yonder you notice that there is no horizon. The magnificent waters simply merge into the deep dark sky. It is all one black backdrop – infinite. Only the white of the waves can be seen, the foam forming in the middle of nothing, coming gently towards you and then disappearing... again into nothing. The sand also merges into the blackness. Except for that lighthouse, with the cyclic lights throwing a golden arc every few seconds adding candour to the exquisite colour display of black, white and glow!

The moon is shining in all its glory. Of course it doesn’t have any rippled reflections in the water unlike the sun, but you know what I mean when I talk about the subtle beauty of the moon. And the warmth of its radiance! And yes, you can see the stars too. (A few feet inside the city you can’t see a single one, only layers of polluted air). Though I can no longer spot the constellations, except for the Orion I think, but the mere feeling of a blanket of stars above you takes you into a different world altogether.

The sand is cool now and as you go closer to the waters the wetness of the sand tingles your feet in a sort-of therapeutic way. It magically moistens your feet soothing the eyes and the head. As you move closer the noises inside and outside the head disappear and you can ‘hear’ the stillness of the ocean and the playful splashing of the waves. Aaah! Bliss. Absolute bliss. Every moment feels so full, never-ending. Quiet. Peaceful. Tranquil. Feels like you have also merged into the vastness.

Turn around and you see the Mumbai city shimmering with lights all over. You can even ‘see’ the noise in the city. Turn back to the sea and you are again in a different world. But it is that other side you have to return to. Not having got enough of the seaside, you turn back with a heavy heart and a silent promise to return soon. The high seas shall await your home-coming.

Too bad it couldn’t be captured in a camera. But hope you were able to see the picture...