December 22, 2011

Here and Hereafter...

Dedicated to Vikrant Mulay (who passed away early this morning)... RIP

This is a very humbled post. Humbled because it reminded me of the ‘temporariness’ of this body – of the ‘tangible me’.

Life is much beyond than what meets the eye. And in several dimensions... or levels as some might call it. Body is only one portion of our existence. Yet it is interesting to see how we spend our maximum energy to cater to the whims and fancies of this tangible part.

The body is just an excuse for us to reach to the higher levels of consciousness. We must learn to do all that we do keeping the higher self in hindsight. And that is Sadhana. That is where we should strive to reach. All our actions, inactions, thoughts and whatever should be directed towards self-realisation... fulfilling all our so called ‘worldly’ duties at the same time.

I want to do this, I want to do that, I feel like this, I feel like that, this makes me happy, this makes me unhappy, I have this, I do not have that...the usual grind. What is this ‘me’? What is this ‘I’? Is it really you? NO. This is just the mind – another small part of our Being. This is not the Self! How conveniently we forget that!

Our ‘Self’, our ‘Being’ is beyond all this. Transcending to that takes a lifetime. Or even more. And knowing what to do after the ‘transcending’ and then ‘doing’ it is real Self-knowledge.

Knowledge of the Self... that is what is important. And relevant. The body is here today and gone tomorrow. But the spirit lives on. The thoughts live on. Your energy lives on. And it does affect the ones around you...even after you are long gone.

Chola maati ke ram, ekar ka bharosa chola maati ke re...

So be grateful for what is there and have a blessed life! May our energies do good – as we live and after we perish.

Hari OM

December 9, 2011

Reflections: On a Sombre Note

In conversation with mySELF...

“Why are you looking so glum?”

“Glum? What glum? I am just at peace with myself. Meditating. Contemplating. Trying to ‘see’ things.”

“Interesting. Tell me more.”

“Sigh! Do I have to? Can’t I just BE???”

“Umm... NO!!!”


“So then tell me... Why are you so glum?”

“You know, sometimes when you think about it, it is not really funny the way things can turn out to be. Closer observation takes you to another dimension and you can feel your own connection to it all – while on the periphery it might not seem to be so. And when does that become disturbing? When you start feeling that you actually have a role in it; while you may not.”

“Aha! So what about it?”

“Hey wait. I am not talking about the ‘seen’. I am speaking on the ethereal level and the connect it makes to the tangible. Have you ever felt the choke in your throat? It is more in your mind than in your throat. Get the point?”

“Yeah, cut the crap. I got the point long before you did.”

“The past few weeks have been an array of experiences – ‘new’ experiences – taking me more inward.”
(Gosh! I am out of words... can’t even express clearly!)

“Hm-hmm... go on.”


“Need help?”

“Hmm (affirmation)


(Ahh! That just melted me away.... Now what was I thinking about?)

“You were saying...”

“Ah yes! I was worried over whether my thoughts would become contentious. So was trying to choose words. But I soon realised that it was a futile attempt.”

“At the ‘ethereal’ level... yes!”
(Smile again)

(Grin) “Okay you got me! I was actually trying to figure out the ‘connect’ between people, events, me and ‘the purpose’. I have been working on things I have never done before, met people (of the kind) I have never met before, planning things I have never thought I would ever do, looking at people and events in a way I never did before... It has all happened in just about the past few weeks. Is that why I am feeling a little upstart and gloomy at the same time? Do you think I am yet to digest this all new experience?”

“And WHY would you want to digest it?”

(Silence... this was not anticipated)

“Well... for clarity... ... ... maybe!”

“And? Then what?”

“And... then...?” (Silence... digging deeper)

“Why don’t you just let it be. And relax in your own Self. Digestion happens on its own course. Not by your wishes.  
Be steady. Unfluttered. Sthitapragya...!”

(Question mark)

(Smile) “Don’t you see the obvious? Look at me. I experience everything that you do. And yet I am at peace. And that is why I am clear. When there are ripples in the water, you cannot see anything. But when the water is calm... you need no further explanation.
The mind is very tricky. It needs to be trained to be focused and calm. Again and again and again...”

(Aha! So that was it? I was drowning myself in the ripples of the water?)

(Still smiling) “Everything has its course. But when you are calm and steady you can see your path too. And you can avoid drowning” (Wink)... (Laughter)

(Broad smile) “Ya I get you now. You are the real true Self. Untouched. Unfettered. Ever-joyful. Beyond all boundaries – ‘real’ and ‘ethereal’... hahaha!
But then what stops me from being you...?”

... to be continued