October 3, 2011

The First Post

Though I have been contemplating writing (seriously) for a long time now, the idea never saw the light of the day. I began writing but never completed what I undertook. So now I have a compilation of incomplete works which I now propose to bring to life by reworking and completing them or junking them if no longer relevant.

I thought hard on what my first piece should be and a flurry of topics came to my mind but not one was convincing enough to fill the top slot. Finally I thought it is best to go back to the source – the Shakti, the infinity from where I arise, from where this Srishti arises and dissolves back into. To write about Shakti is probably beyond my reach and comprehension but what I present here is how I have seen her manifest and understood little about.

Caution: This is my FIRST attempt at poetry and I have failed miserably each time I tried to express through poetry before this. So, just get the feel and the intention and ignore the technical aspects. Thank you.

Shakti you are, manifest everywhere
Durga here and Kali there
Lakshmi, Saraswati and still many other
Salutations to you O’ Holy Mother!

You are the life in the air I breathe
You are the light on the path I tread
You are the Master, the father, the brother
Salutations to you O’ Holy Mother!

You are the song my soul so rhymes
Gives me the strength to stand tough times
You are the One, naught any other
Salutations to you O’ Holy Mother!

You are the divine in Shri Guru’s feet
Where the essence of you and my being meet
Making me realise you are not another
Salutations to you O’ Holy Mother!
Salutations to you O’ Holy Mother!


Anushree Chatterjee Kale said...

hey trupti, its gr8 to know so much about shiva from ur writing ya, i too am a big fan of lord shiva but had never thought of knowing him in this manner. However its gr8 to know abt these books on him, i will surely read them. Thanks!

Anushree Chatterjee Kale said...

Its a gr8 experience to be in between the lines!

Sayali said...

Beautiful ...Swadhisthan Chakra working at its best....